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Painted Out: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan

Chalk Paint™ was developed in 1990 by Annie Sloan.  Chalk Paint™ is available in 31 beautiful colors and is known for it’s velvety matt finish.  Add Annie Sloan Soft Wax, you can achieve subtle sheen as well as protection and durability.

Annie Sloan Soft Wax

Annie Sloan Soft Wax is the perfect partner for Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan because they have been developed to work together. It can be used for protection and to give a beautiful mellow matte finish on painted furniture, cabinets, and walls. Our Soft Wax can be mixed with Chalk Paint® make a colored wax- how amazing.  Available in Clear & Dark Wax

Annie Sloan Brushes

Made of pure bristle, these are great brushes for painting, particularly to achieve texture. It is oval, with a metal ferule and wooden handle.  These type of brushes allow you to paint expressively as the bristle is strong and firm but pliable.

Découpage Varnish
Annie Sloan Decoupage is a water based fast drying glue and varnish. It builds up layers very quickly making it suitable for découpage. It is extra thick and easy to apply but should be applied thinly. With a paper, such as gift wrap, about 6 layers are needed to give a smooth finish. The finish is matte

Clear Matte Floor Lacquer
Our strong floor lacquer to go over Chalk Paint™ for wood or concrete surfaces. This is matte but there is a very slight sheen because we want to offer some strength. A matte finish is less strong than a shiny finish generally.

Two part set for achieving a crackled varnish finish like the cracked varnish on an old master painting. The size of the cracks can be varied according to how fine a layer of the Step 2 is applied in particular. The thinner it is, the smaller the cracks.


Annie Sloan has written many books on interior decorating, colour and the use of paint. These have sold over two million copies worldwide.


Annie Sloan offers you her range of French and Belgian fabrics straight from the factories that you will find represents really good value for money. These fabrics include cotton tickings and florals, as well as linen.